David Lesondak (vocals, guitars, keyboards)

Simply put, he is the most interesting man in the world (take that, Dos Equis Guy!) and the only one who actually hails from Pittsburgh. By day, he is a pioneer in the field of fascia (that’s a whole other story; look it up!). By night and weekends he is writing – music, lyrics, short videos (his film  "The Very Bad Day" was a finalist in The Carnegie International 2 Minute Film Festival) and an actual book (coming in the Fall 2016) – and singing and dancing, directing and filming. It is his lust for life, as well as blood, sweat, and tears you’ll feel coursing through the music. His influences are eclectic, to say the least.  A big fan of sci-fi and pop culture, he often finds inspiration from one of today’s biggest behind-the-scenes names, Joss Whedon. “If you have a good idea, get it out there.” says Joss.

Here’s David’s good idea(s)!

Bob Banerjee (violin, mandolin, mandocaster, guitars, backing vocals)

With 24 years of classical training and  an equally long career in IT, Bob is the working man’s virtuoso. If it has strings, this man can play it, and he wants you to have as much fun listening to it as he does playing it. Born in India, he and his family moved to Texas when Bob was 3 and eventually settled in Pittsburgh. His mother was trained in traditional Indian dance and his father was an accomplished sitar player, so he comes by his talent honestly.  He toured the nation in the late 1990s as the lead violin player with Gaelic Storm – you know, the band performing “An Irish Party in Third Class” in Titanic.  Bob is regular on the Pittsburgh music scene and you can hear his singing violin and dancing fiddle as a member of the Corned Beef and Curry Band, as well as his own solo gigs.



Scot Harvey (drums, percussion)

Just this side of a child prodigy, Scot was DJ’ing family functions at the age of 3 and began playing drums on a homemade kit by age 7. His love of music was so deep that he attended West Liberty State College in West Virginia and the Community College of Allegheny County where he received his degree in music in 2007. But as with many musicians, his real education came on the road. He toured the East Coast with ESP, a Zappa-inspired prog/satire/terrorist group. He also tasted success with the group Persephone’s Dream, whose 2010 concept album, Pan: An Urban Pastoral won critical acclaim worldwide. Scot also plays for the Pittsburgh-based oldies band, The Holidays.

Roman Prokopenko (bass guitar)

That’s right, the  driving bass you hear is none other than Belarus’s own Roman Prokopenko. An accomplished student of the classical acoustic guitar, he naturally switched to bass. Because – wait for it… it’s all about the bass. He was a member of Why Not when they released The Burning Tree in the early 1990s in Belarus. In the States, he became a member of Persephone’s Dream and was also featured on Pan: An Urban Pastoral. A lifelong fan of Western music, his all-time favorite band is The Beatles. To pay homage to his love of the origins of rock and roll, he currently plays with The Holidays and for his love of  hard rock and punk, Identity X. 

Lurch, aka Chris Rudyk, (producer,engineer)

 Do you hear what I hear? That brilliance is brought to you by one of the world’s leading experts on sound, mixing, recording, and all things auditory. Known to all as Lurch, this 6’6” Canadian’s talent and ear for music has taken him from co-owner of Toronto’s legendary Reaction Studio to the road with some of the biggest acts in modern music, but you won’t catch us dropping names like New Order or Muse. He currently operates Broadcastlane Studios in Pittsburgh, PA. We could go on, but why read about his experience when you can hear his magic? We know we are pretty damn lucky to have him.