New Single, "We're in Love" now available!

Hi Everybody!

Our new single, "We're in Love" can be heard on our listen page – or you can go here to both listen and download your very own copy. This is another gem, with amazing vocals from Autumn Ayers. I was thrilled to have her on the project and you'll be thrilled when you hear the results!

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Back in the Studio

David & the Disasters are back in the studio working on the next batch of tunes that will round out their first full length release, Perhaps, Someday.

These latest tracks feature both the usual suspects as well as local "melodic, psychedelic blues" guitarist Lori Beaner; and Autumn Ayers – who will be adding luminous backing vocals to one of the new songs.

Watch this space for more details!


Veteran Musicians Colaborate with a Fresh Voice  Creating a New Version of the Old Scene


Veteran Musicians Colaborate with a Fresh Voice Creating a New Version of the Old Scene

There’s a little bit of everything for everyone on the debut EP from David & the Disasters.


David & the Disasters' style of music is like nothing you've heard before because it encompasses everything you've heard before – all in one place. The four-song EP, entitled “Every Single Part of You,” transcends any one musical genre and offers the listener an experience off the beaten path, yet somehow in familiar territory.

The fresh new voice is that of David Lesondak (the David amid the Disasters). His day job is in the practice of fascia therapy. All other hours of the day and night he writes music, lyrics, a book, and short films – he was a finalist in The Carnegie Museum of Art’s 2 Minute Film Festival earlier this month. It’s Lesondak’s vision that brought together veteran musicians Bob Banerjee, Scot Harvey, and Roman Prokopenko (the Disasters) and gave rise to the eclectic mix of genre-defying music that fills “Every Single Part of You.”

“I’ve been on this journey for a while and it’s so satisfying to share these deeply personal but totally relatable stories and emotions,” says Lesondak. “The thing that just blows my mind, though, is performing live. That’s when it hits home – to me, the band, the audience – right in the feels.”

The experienced musicians who make up the Disasters are now Pittsburgh-based but hail from all corners of the world, including Banerjee from India and Prokopenko from Belarus. The Disasters offer the balanced yin to the yang of the deep tone and emotional vocals of Lesondak. “It’s a damn fine piece of work,” says Harvey of the EP, “and I’m really looking forward to what’s to come.”

What’s to come is more music. Lots more music. A full-length album is on schedule to be released this fall. Between now and then David and the Disasters are looking to perform live – acoustic as well as plugged-in shows, continue writing, and make a splash on the music scene in and around Pittsburgh. Everything about this undertaking is new and different, while also recognizable and comfortable. As Lesondak says, “We’re kinda like the fun uncle of the family. There’s something a little different and quirky about him, but it just makes him that much more lovable and fun to be around.”