We're In LOve

Beautiful day
walking on air
floating around
we don't have a care
We're in Love
We're in Love

Dreamed of this day
such a long while
moon in your eyes
star in your smile
Every time I look at you
I can feel you feel it too
We're in Love
We're in Love

Be with me ''til the end of time
be the reason behind the rhyme
Hold me fast – don't release
We have hearts of fire and peace
We're in Love
We're in Love

We don't know what's around the bend
Stay in the moment and it won't end
We're in Love
We're in Love



Perhaps, Someday

Perhaps, someday
We'll find the words
for what we're afraid to say
Perhaps, someday
all of our masks will melt away

And if you ever think of me
look to the night sky
make a wish upon a star
watch it fall before your eyes

and perhaps someday
our black and white
will find comfort in grey
and perhaps, someday
we'll lose our religion
and learn how to pray

When I look to heaven
and wait for your reply
I'll remember how your smile
made me forget the sky

Then perhaps, someday
we'll let our passion
illuminate our way
and perhaps, someday
you'll take me hand
and we'll fly away



will you be my sancho panza?

Will you be my Sancho Panza?
I need a wit, a wag, a foil
Oh my love for Dulcinea
left me in a deep turmoil

Will you sit right here beside me
listen to my every word
I really need a friend to guide me
for my dreams are too absurd

Dreaming stories
of a love divine
dreaming glories
of the day when that love was mine

If you were my Sancho Panza
it wouldn’t be a thankless task
fix me after fighting windmills
then come help me drain a cask

As I tell you tales of wonder
and I sing you songs of woe
how my heart got torn asunder
Such a long, long time ago

She restored me
with the softest touch
I’ll never love another
not again, not so much

Will you be my Sancho Panza?
on life’s dry and dusty road
when you choose to follow your heart
it’s a solitary code

Every time I sing a stanza
will you join in harmony
If you were my Sancho Panza
I would not be so lonely